Top 10 Pharma Companies In Guwahati

Top 10 Pharma Companies In Guwahati - Guwahati is a renowned city in Assam state. It is the major center of Pharmaceutical firms in India. There are approx. 132 pharmaceutical companies available in Guwahati. These companies have over 50,000 people employed. If you are searching about the Top 10 Pharma companies in Guwahati, then read the article till the end.

This city is usually known for traditional medicines in Assam because Guwahati had a strong tradition of herbal medicines. It is a major center for the cultivation of medicinal plants which are rare and endangered and used in the production of pharma drugs to cure people. The best thing about the city is that the government is very supportive here for the pharmaceutical industry. They provide some incentives in place to attract pharmaceutical companies, such as Tax breaks and land grants.

List of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Guwahati

Here below is the list of some leading companies in Guwahati Given:

Syntonix Biofarm

Syntonix Biofarm had maintained great goodwill for years among the people's hearts. It is the most trustable and well-established place for pharmaceutical products. It deals in a variety of products like Syruup and suspension. These products are used in bodybuilding, immunization, and research. Moreover, since its establishment in 2009, it is manufacturing and delivering products on time, not only in India but also worldwide.

Address - Plot No 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh-160014, INDIA

Phone no. - +91-9357005353

Email -

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. has listed its name in the list of top generic pharmaceutical companies in the world at fourth position. Interestingly, they have more than 40 manufacturing facilities that assist in providing high-quality and affordable medicines to a wide area of people.

Address - Palasbari, Assam 781128

Hilton Hyman Healthcare

Hilton Hyman Healthcare is one of the best companies. It was founded in the year 2014. Hilton Hyman deals in products like:

  • Personal Care: HH Touch & Go Toothache Drops (6 ML), HH Silkdrop Borax Glycerin, HH Orthoyard Oil (30 ml), HH Menthol, HH Clove Oil
  • Pet Care: HH Antitick Powder, HH Multiyard Syrup, HH Codimint Syrup
  • House Care: HH Phenyl Black, HH Puretuch, HH Hydrohit Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Surgical Products: HH Hyroplast (Roll Bandage), HH Hyroplast (Crepe Bandage)

Address - BUILDING HOUSE NO35A, ABC, AMRITDHARA BOYS HOSTEL, 8NO, Bye Ln, Tarun Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781005

Natco Pharma

The list of, One of the best Pharma Companies in Guwahati includes Natco Pharma too. It is a reputable firm with six manufacturing facilities spread across the nation. Its one manufacturing plant is located in Guwahati. Apart from this, This company follows the strict standards of quality set by global regulatory bodies.

Address - Dag No. 749, 750, Vill: Kokjhar, Mirza, Guwahati – 781 125, Assam, India.

Intag Remedies

Intag Remedies have a manufacturing plant in Guwahati, Assam. The company has a dedicated team that works in the research, development, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. Besides this, their product range includes Azitag Tablet, Orliv Syrups, Zeroler-M Tablets, Inhex Mouthwash, and Inbac Kit Injection.

Address - S.C Goswami Road, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam 781001

Septy Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

The notable company Septy Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is specialized in numerous Pharma product categories. They manufacture large-volume parental (LVP), small-volume injectables (SVP), and solutions for irrigation and dialysis needed in rental therapies across the world. Moreover, their products cater to both trade and government markets, showcasing their widespread distribution. Among their offerings are LVP products like Amino acids, Dextrose, Electrolytes, Lipids, Multivitamins, and Trace elements. They also provide SVP products such as Antibiotics, Anticonvulsants, Antihistamines, Analgesics, Antipyretics, Antispasmodics, and various Vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they offer products for renal therapies, including Dialysate solutions, Irrigation solutions, Blood bags, and Catheters.

Address - 5Q4H+F4V, GS Rd, Christian Basti, Guwahati, Assam 781034

Lloyods Pharmaceutical

Guwahati has also a company named Lloyods which is famous for manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical products in a wide range. Their main mission is to diagnosis, treatment, and relief of symptoms associated with various diseases. Plus, Since 2011, this company serving not only patients but also other companies too by providing goods and services related to Pharma.

Address - Citc Complex, Industrial Area, Kalapahar, Guwahati - 781018

Ambit Bio-Medix

Amit Bio-Medix has worldwide recognition in pharma products. They are the manufacturer and distributor of pharma drugs. In addition, The Company deals in products including Clocxy-625, Biomex O Dry Syrup, Amlo Suspension, Seram- DP, Amom-40, and more. They deliver their products not only in India but also in many other countries too.

Address - Gree path, G.S road Link, House no. 8, Uulubari, Guwahati, Assam, India

Jonali Pharmaceuticals

A reliable and reputable company in Guwahati, Jonali Pharmaceutical is widely known for the superior quality and efficacy of its medicines. It got an award from the Indian Pharmaceutical Association in 2002 for the “Best Emerging Pharma Company”. The company has a team of professional who works for effective healthcare solutions.

Address - Jonali Pharmaceuticals Plot No. 9, Sector-3 Jonali, Guwahati, Assam, India Pincode: 781016

Bee Dee Pharmaceuticals

Bee Dee Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1994 and since then became popular. It deals in Herabla and Ayurvedic drugs which are high-quality and in quantity too. This company is ISO certified company and known for its good quality products all around the world. The best thing is that, day by day the company is expanding its product portfolio and targeting new markets for getting more growth in this field. Importantly, By following strict quality control procedures, their products are very effective and good quality. Its product range includes Blood Purifier Syrup, Hair fall Control Capsules, Cough, Joint Pain Relief Capsules, Vitamins, and minerals. 

Address - Kalapahar Industrial Area, Guwahati 781016, Assam


Among the top 10 pharmaceutical industries in Guwahati, Syntonix Biofarm stands out for its exceptional delivery of high-quality pharmaceutical products. I hope this; article provides you the sufficient information for which you were searching.

FAQs Top 10 Pharma Companies in Guwahati -

Question 1) How can one contact these pharma companies in Guwahati for Inquiries and collaborations?

Answer: You can reach out to these pharmaceutical companies through their official websites or contact details provided on their respective websites.

Question 2) Does All the pharma companies in Guwahati have a presence in other cities or states too?

Answer: The majority of the pharmaceutical companies in Guwahati have a presence in other cities and states as they deliver their products to them.