PCD Pharma Franchise Company In Kerala

PCD Pharma Franchise Company In Kerala - Syntonix Biofarm is the leading PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Kerala where you can invest without any doubt. Kerala is always a hotspot for any pharmaceutical company to start a business with franchise associates. If you are one of the interested candidates, then we have an offer to make. Syntonix Biofarm is the leading pharma company offering profitable business opportunities in Kerala by joining hands as a franchise holder. 

Investing in a PCD Pharma Company is quite common in Kerala as the healthcare system is quite advanced. This resulted in the influx of demand for pharma ranges all across Kerala. This makes Kerala an ideal place to start a pharmaceutical business. But you will need assistance, that’s why you will need the help of Syntonix Biofarm. 

To start the journey of having a profitable yet hassle-free business in the pharma sector in Kerala, then reach out to Syntonix Biofarm by calling us at +91 9357005353/8699910268 .

Kerala’s Healthcare Sector | An Overview

Kerala has a population is approximately 34 million. However, it comes to notice that comparing data of Kerala with the national data on various parameters such as infant mortality rate, maternal ratio, literacy rate, human development index, etc., Kerala is doing much better than other states. Coming to the Healthcare Sector of Kerala, the government has done many things that resulted in lowering the infant mortality and maternal mortality ratio.

If we take a look into the data from the past decade, medical facilities like primary health care, hospitals, faculty, etc. The number has increased by 30 times. Also, the govt. has done tremendous work in healthcare infrastructure and focuses on the social development of society. Moreover, the govt. Decentralized the healthcare sector of Kerala. 

Targeted locations In Kerala For PCD Pharma Distribution Opportunity

Kerala has a long list of ideal locations that Syntonix Biofarm is focusing on providing PCD Pharma Franchise, such as - 

  • Thiruvananthapuram - It has a population of 960,000 and it is the capital of Kerala. 
  • Kochi - The city of Kochi has a population of 2.1 million making it the hotspot of starting a pharma business. 
  • Kozhikode - With a population of over 600,000, Kozhikode has all the influx demand for pharma products.
  • Thrissur - Syntonix Biofarm is offering PCD Pharma Franchise in Thrissur at a very low investment.
  • Kannur - The population of Kannur is approximately 2.5 million. Start the pharma business with Syntonix Biofarm in Kannur by investing in a Pharma Franchise. 

Other targeted locations in Kerala such as Kottayam, Kollam, and Alappuzha for PCD Pharma Business Opportunity. 

Highlights Of Syntonix Biofarm | Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company In Kerala

  1. Quality Approach - It is important to manufacture a high premium quality pharma range without compromising in the process. Syntonix Biofarm pays special attention to each detail throughout the manufacturing process. 
  2. Highly Experienced and Dedicated Team - No company will achieve its mission and vision without its dedicated team. Here at Syntonix Biofarm, we have the best and most experienced team working hard to maintain the quality of products and services at an excellent level. 
  3. Ethical Business Practices - Our core principles are solely focusing on ethics and following all the rules and regulations without any mistakes.
  4. Advanced Packaging Facility - Syntonix Biofarm has the best infrastructure to carry out an advanced packaging facility to deliver leakage and breakage-proof pharma products.
  5. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pharma Company - Syntonix Biofarm started in 2009 and has ISO certification.

Join The Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company With Syntonix Biofarm!

Being a trusted and reliable PCD Company in India, Syntonix Biofarm is offering its services in Kerala’s cities to become our franchise associate. We are actively looking for medical representatives, wholesalers, and PCD distributors. Also, we are offering many perks to all franchise holders, such as -

  1. Exclusive Monopoly Rights
  2. Best assistance provided
  3. ISO-WHO-GMP-certified pharma range
  4. On-time delivery of each order with leakage-proof packaging
  5. Low investment yet high returns
  6. Best promotional assistance

Lastly, if you have any queries for us, then reach out to Syntonix Biofarm on the following details. 

Contact Details

Company NameSyntonix Biofarm

Contact Number – +91 93570 05353/8699910268

Email Address – ordersyntonix@gmail.com

Registered Address – Plot Number – 11 & 12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector – 25 (D), Chandigarh, Punjab, India, Pin – 160014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - What will be the minimum investment needed in PCD pharma distribution in Kerala?

A - The minimum investment need for a PCD pharma distribution in Kerala is approximately 4 lakhs.

Q - What are the usual profit margins in the pharma range?

A - Usually the profit margins are an in-between range of 15-26% in the pharma range. 

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